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December 14 2022
Objects and True Awareness of Pure Consciousness


The Body reveals itself in its true light as the ‘I’ that is aware of the body’s manifestation in consciousness, and then immediately the body moved into awareness and only pure consciousness remained.


That is how all objects appear in consciousness. Objects reflect the awareness of what is pure consciousness. 


We tend to take the body as something personal for us as a separate personality. We deny its true reality and unless we can become aware of what it is that makes an object or form present in our consciousness, we are unable to know the truth of what it is doing there.


All this began with the observation of all objects and forms around us in the world, which include the animals and trees and the Earth’s own Nature. Because of our distance from our Light Essence we are only able to see outward objects that we have cleverly named, giving credence to specific species. Whereas it is not the species that has a name, but only something appearing in our outer consciousness, which leads us to be unaware of what something is that is not distinct from our own body which we have given a name.


All this naming process has led to the fragmentation of consciousness and awareness because actually there is no difference between our body and all other forms on the earth.


For instance, we look at a tree and our mind accepts that it is a particular tree, an oak tree, because of its leaves and structure and is different from all other trees. If we had not given this tree a particular name we would recognize it as being another manifestation of light and awareness reflects total consciousness. It still does this, however, through our ignorance of naming everything separate and personal, we have destroyed the true reflection of manifestation that is to enable consciousness to be conscious of itself. Generally, we can question who or what is the creator of the Illusion.


When looking at this from a universal perspective we lock ourselves out of being aware of what truly is and what is reality.


This is the basic cause of the illusion that something exists that hides the Truth. But, it is all so simple and open in consciousness. However, the mind is closed by accepting the precepts of illusion.


As I said last week, there are green shoots forming out of the Spring of consciousness that is now starting to shoot and its Light is pointing everyone in the world in a direction that will destroy the illusion and open the earth’s consciousness and awareness to its own true nature, and in turn, create that flow of energy to move the shattered Light of the universe into the oneness of the pure consciousness of the Eternal Absolute One.


It all begins with you. Unless you begin to change your concepts and attitudes to be the Truth and allow the Truth to grow in the fertile soil of your body consciousness, you will not fulfil the destiny of the Earth and One Light.


You truly have to surrender your ego to the Light of the Self and then within your body consciousness, you will be free to be what it already is, which is the true energy of the human body, which will give away its earthly frequency and reveal itself as Light Essence, which is the true reflection of the Self.


You cannot hasten this change, for it was once written that you cannot assault the gates of heaven. In other words, do not use desire, effort, and your mind games to uncover your real Nature. It is only by giving, allowing, and being that you will become open to what is truly you, and what is seen as the real body, which is not its outer form, for the reality is absorbed into the awareness and that Pure Consciousness is the Self.





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