Friends Talk with Douglas 
April, 14, 2023

Recently I have been writing about the ‘I’ and its relationship with pure consciousness and the Self, as well as, about the mind, thoughts, and memories. It is important to remember that we have to observe the different thoughts flowing out of our minds, for such thoughts and memories keep us in ignorance and bondage.

Unless we clear the mind of all thoughts and memories that keep us in bondage in the world, then we can never become free to be what we are and become aware of the pure consciousness of the Self, This is the ultimate search where we desire to be.

We also have to recognize that we must not fall into the trap of conceptual thinking that we have become something new, and enlightened. This is born out of conditioning and expectation.

There have been so many teachers and self-proclaimed gurus who state that you can only become enlightened by merging your consciousness with theirs.

What is the principle behind this merging process? Basically, for this to be meaningful is that their consciousness would have to be one in the Self’s consciousness, so what is the point of it when you are already one in the Self’s consciousness although presently you are unaware of that? Not knowing that also how would know what is the level of the teacher’s consciousness?

What you need consider is just how many of these gurus in the world are self-proclaimed, and that they are unable to do what they say unless you pay them handsomely. What we are seeking is Self-Awareness, and giving our Light to someone else is denying the Truth of who we are.

The way is clear and does not mean subjecting our innermost being to be corrupted by anyone else. The power of freedom and understanding is the Light that guides us always, and it always will when we allow that.

Our mind has been corrupted by the world, and it is this corruption that constantly directs us to look outwardly for everything, and this is what keeps us ignorant of the Light which we are.

The world has nothing to give us spiritually, even though those in its illusion pretend otherwise, and when the last breath is taken the world for them has ended.

Although Zadore has said that we have to remember, it is not our body or worldly consciousness that can remember anything because it does not know anything other than the sensual world and all its promises.

If we can stop thinking in the way of the world and begin to listen, we will eventually hear the Truth spoken in understanding and throw off all conceptual lies of body-mind and enter the inner peace and life of the Self.


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