Friends Talk with Douglas 
April, 21, 2023 Difficulty of Words

I have often written about the difficulty of using words to express the inexpressible, but possibly we have to learn to stretch the language or maybe develop a more simple approach.

It is quite interesting in this day and age to witness how many people seem to have a voice about different problems in the world, and although imposing their own views on others often they have no idea of what they are saying which leads to a baseless outcome of little value.

What a waste of energy that produces negative effects not only on the person talking but also in the world at large.

People rattle on about spiritual values and so on, yet, the greatest spiritual values are those that relate to the world within our consciousness that is neither personal nor general.

The problem nowadays is that the consciousness we experience in the world is dominated by the so-called media, whether mainstream or social. All such news is based on opinions and suggestions that are not based on facts, based on what might happen which are designed to promote fear and uncertainty in the minds of gullible readers.

All this is a reflection of our world, and it is these values, virtues, and well-being that everyone seeks in order to live in peace and happiness that is denied them.

In the Western world, there is a movement away from organized religion which is failing to support people’s desire for a more meaningful relationship with their God, feeling that such religions no longer reflect the desire of the individual to achieve a personal experience and reach a greater depth of oneness within their consciousness, uninhibited by doctrine, creeds and organization by the church.

Often we base all our beliefs and actions on the differences of our bodies, such as race and colour and understand and realize that our outer behaviour is just that, outer, and all our differences are our outer clothing that hides the Truth of our real Nature, which is where we are all unified and one in the awareness of love.

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