March 2023 Webtorial

We are coming close to our first anniversary later this month. We want to thank everyone for their support and we strive to produce books, blogs and articles that will help you to reach the peace, love, and joy within your consciousness. 

In the new year, we will look at ways that we can communicate with you on a more personal basis and will let you know when we investigate the best methods available for you.

Wishing you all peace and love now.


January 2023 Webtorial

Welcome to another new year. Traditionally people have been told it is time to make resolutions for the new year and many follow this tradition only to find after about two weeks they have already broken their resolutions.

We should never have to wait until the end of a year to make changes in our life and behaviour. Every day we awaken to a new life, a new beginning in consciousness where we have to live in the Moment and ignore all past memories, the present that is based on the past and an expected future.

We are continuing to post new blogs on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of the month, so be aware of these dates.

This year we are posting new monographs for all members free in the vault. We hope to increase benefits for members during the year. Come and join others as members and awaken your consciousness to new levels of understanding.

Look forward to working with you in Light.



November 2022 Webtorial

It’s now November and the seasons are changing and we do not know just what the winter/summer seasons will bring. We are in a period of unsettled weather patterns worldwide.

In this month’s Insights, the whole article is composed of Zadore’s Transmissions you will find illuminating and helpful in your journey on the way.

One interesting comment made by Zadore is that we should: ‘Feel inspired by your freedom and allow your light to direct these teachings to all others.’

Possibly you may wish to help do this, and what better way to do this is by purchasing one or more of our books and sending a copy to your close friends who would be seeking and becoming what will change their life and consciousness.

We hope you are finding our blogs helpful in increasing your understanding. Feel free to write or comment.

Looking forward to seeing you next month.


October 2022 Webtorial

Welcome to October which completes six months since we first uploaded Friends of One.

This month we are posting in the Vault for members new Insights, Transmission, and audio transmissions which are very popular with our members.

As well we are continuing to post weekly Blogs, the last one was posted on September 28.

Also, what’s new on our site is a new menu page called VOLAH. Click on this and begin to learn how the vortex affects your well-being and Light.

We are regularly extending our site content so keep visiting. We expect by November to release a new book, the first in a series titled “The Way to Self-Consciousness” and will be available for members and visitors in the Vault and Book section.

Thank you for visiting our site and you are welcome to email us or leave comments on the Blog.


September 2022 Webtorial

We have once more provided you with all the new uploads this month with
new insights on finding the awareness beyond the body and ending all thought
and illusion.
In our blog starting this month we are considering what it means to just waste
our energies through small talk and gossip. Such actions are only based on
externalities and leads us away from being the Truth.
During this month we are going to post selected articles from Douglas’ second
Journal writings. The First journal was published as “The Light Beyond the Self’
We are sure that this will cover many future blogs that will help increase your
understanding and Light.
As well for members there is a new Transmission from the Vortex as well as
two more Audio Transmissions from G
Wherever you are may you increase your awareness and Light.


August 2022 Webtorial

I think that we have now begun to accept what has been called climate change. There is no doubt that we soon will be experiencing two seasons instead of four, with hot summers and cold winters. 

However, it is wrong just to lay all the blame on human beings for the atmosphere heating up completely, although we cannot really know what the earth changes such as, volcanic and earthquakes have to do with the climate overheating. 

The Earth’s response to the destruction of its nature by those whose lives are driven by greed, mining, depletion of the earth’s soil and pollution of the earth’s oceans, forests, and atmosphere, to name some of the causes for the destruction of the earth’s Being.

Everyone, is guilty of causing destruction to our mother, which involves all families, and by destroying our mother we are destroying our own bodies. 

It is wrong to limit our guilt by only addressing one factor as being the cause of the earth’s tragedy and neglecting all the other things that we feel makes our life more acceptable. Are we too guilty of allowing the destruction to continue in order that we can reap all the benefits of technology that are dependent on the mining of the earth’s resources? Obviously we prefer to live in ignorance and complain.

Climate requires more than addressing carbon emissions as the way out of what is happening because it is only one factor involved. 

The dye is cast and we have to embrace the wider picture before we reach the point of no return, when the race will be extinct due to its own greed!


It’s July and we are rapidly moving through the year, and hopefully our members and visitors are becoming more open to their inner nature and gaining greater insights from our books and Transmissions.

As usual we have posted a new blog and look forward to your comments. To do this just use the email contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

We suggest that all members read our updated information and keep informed on what’s happening.

We have also posted a 2017 Transmission from Zadore that is relevant for these times, as well as a new Insights and audio Transmissions.

We are still preparing our new study semester and will keep you informed when it will be released.


June Webtorial

Welcome to June, and for us in the southern hemisphere we are now beginning winter with the first polar storm approaching.

We are pleased to let you know about our new pdf eBook “Whisperings from the Silence”, which is now available for visitors and for members from the Vault.

We are continually increasing our content each month for members with, “Insights”; New Transmissions and audio transmissions; and blog which is for visitors as well as members.

We are currently working on the production for a three semester course of study monographs for members, and we will keep you updated on when we will be releasing it in the Vault.

The world continues to plunge into war and darkness, so it is up to us, in a small way, to encourage as many people as possible to look within and experience the Light of Self that will lift our consciousness above the darkening tide that is attempting to engulf our consciousness and wellbeing for the first time in this century.