Insights November 2022: The Way to Light and Freedom

The Way to Light and Freedom Zadore Speaks This month we are going to allow Zadore to provide us with an understanding of what is necessary for us to move along the Way to Light and Freedom. The message that flows through these Transmission has one major purpose, and that is to assist you to […]

Insights October: Taoism

 Insights October 2022 Taoism is the original religion of ancient China. It is founded on the idea that a fundamental principle, the Tao, underlies all nature. The early Chinese teachers of meditation (called Dhyana or Ch ‘an) absorbed the Taoist tradition of intuitive wisdom. The Buddhist movement in India split into two different sects known […]

Insights September: Living Through A Body

 Insights September 2022 LIVING THROUGH A BODYIt is quite natural for everyone to live in the world through a body, however,the body is an object that exists because of consciousness and withoutconsciousness manifesting, the body ceases to exist. So, it is important for the body to continually maintain its energies so thatconsciousness remains present. For […]

Insights August

 Insights August 2022 Today I will discuss the relation of an object or form relative to the Pure Consciousness of Self. Objects are seen by our mind through the senses as they manifest in our world in consciousness. What we need realize is that an object is only seen and realized because of our mind […]

Insights July

Insights July 2022 We talk about our life, environment, body and the world we live in. It all seems so simple and we don’t have to think about what we need to do to exist in our daily life. It has become a habit, something that repeats itself day after day. By the time we […]

Insights June

INSIGHTS ─ 4 June 2022 There is a world that we accept because we face life as being something that exists around us. There is ME, and I have a body that I assume is me. Why is this? Through the body senses the world outside us is experienced, as well is the body’s consciousness […]

What’s it All About

Insights May 2022  There are so many people in the world who are constantly confused and inwardly fearful of just what is the purpose of this world, and is there any way out of the continual fear, suffering and depression that assaults our life and happiness? There are so many people who feel this way, […]

Insights Three

INSIGHTS ─ 3 April 2022 In an earlier Insight we saw that consciousness requires a body to manifest in this dimension. As such, we can realize that consciousness is everywhere and not limited to one particular dimension. We can see that space is everywhere, and for the want of a better word, space is only […]

Insights Two

In the previous Insights we discussed the function of the Vital Force and how it affects our consciousness. The first contact the body has with the Vital Force is with the inflowing breath which mixes with the consciousness developing the mind and thoughts, which remains until the last breath is taken. Basically, the life cycle […]