There Is a Crack

There is a Crack - Zadore One Light

Recently we looked at the world through the illusion, and how we are locked into a world of perpetual recurrence and separation from the reality of the truth.     Continually we are deluded into believing that the two preceding generations have unknowingly continued to perpetuate the same concepts and values of previous generations, little […]

Zadore and the Volah Revelations January 19 2024

The VOLAH Revelations have been written for over two years, and the first of four books in the series has now been published and for sale. These books do not replace the Transmissions but reflect and comment on them and engage our understanding and awareness of their potential in our lives. We have entered a […]


Welcome to another year. We often reflect on memories of the different experiences that seemed to have moulded our thinking, behaviour, and understanding of our lives over the years. All those memories have passed by over the years and have little value now. We have a strong connection with our past experiences and events during […]

The Mystery of Ignorance

Some of us enjoy a mystery because it challenges us to find the answer and reveal its deception. Of course, mysteries are not always deceptive, for they are just another word for illusion. Mostly, our mysteries in the world come about from our creating false concepts that lack the true knowledge behind reality and are […]

The Beginning of Time

It is said that time is but an illusion and if that is true, we must examine how the thought of time came into existence. For the earth and the universe, there is no such thing as time, because time, to exist, requires the presence of a human body and mind, therefore, time is only […]

Two States of One Self

People become locked into using words rather than understanding their meaning, We see that when we attempt to uncover what is our true nature and the concepts that abound regarding enlightenment. All that involves joining different groups, and seeking teachers and gurus without ever just trusting their own knowledge. Of course, such a desire for […]

Being Grounded

We often talk about the illusion in our blogs. Today I want to suggest that in our world consciousness, we may think of ourselves experiencing our world as living in a glass jar, where everything appears to be happening outside the jar and our life is coloured by what we experience inside the jar.  However, […]

The End of the Third Time Loop

Timeless Time has no function in consciousness, and we live our lives out of past memories and future expectations. Neither past nor future exists for it is only an illusion. You cannot live the past or create a future, so our reality of living is timeless and relates to doing what the day brings, for […]

The End of the Third Time Loop Part 1

Friends Talk with Douglas  October, 7, 2023  The End of the Third Time Loop In this blog, I want to clarify and explain what the end of the third loop means for us. I am sure that many of you have read what Zadore has written about in the Transmissions, but there also seems to […]

Audio Blog 9 Part 2 September 2023

Welcome to Friends Talk. Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance […]