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August Webtorial

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August 2022 Webtorial

I think that we have now begun to accept what has been called climate change. There is no doubt that we soon will be experiencing two seasons instead of four, with hot summers and cold winters. 

However, it is wrong just to lay all the blame on human beings for the atmosphere heating up completely, although we cannot really know what the earth changes such as, volcanic and earthquakes have to do with the climate overheating. 

The Earth’s response to the destruction of its nature by those whose lives are driven by greed, mining, depletion of the earth’s soil and pollution of the earth’s oceans, forests, and atmosphere, to name some of the causes for the destruction of the earth’s Being.

Everyone, is guilty of causing destruction to our mother, which involves all families, and by destroying our mother we are destroying our own bodies. 

It is wrong to limit our guilt by only addressing one factor as being the cause of the earth’s tragedy and neglecting all the other things that we feel makes our life more acceptable. Are we too guilty of allowing the destruction to continue in order that we can reap all the benefits of technology that are dependent on the mining of the earth’s resources? Obviously we prefer to live in ignorance and complain.

Climate requires more than addressing carbon emissions as the way out of what is happening because it is only one factor involved. 

The dye is cast and we have to embrace the wider picture before we reach the point of no return, when the race will be extinct due to its own greed!

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