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As you are now aware Friends of One is the companion website of lightpulsations.com and is designed to expand the understanding of the Transmissions by helping everyone to adopt the teachings, and apply what is learned to our daily lives, where we will live in the truth of what is, ending all the pain and suffering that we presently endure in life, due to our ignorance that we accept as normal in the world.

The VOLAH is not a religion, cult, or a society, that demands we accept any rules, behaviour, or doctrines, or the promise that you will reach any particular enlightenment or realization beyond this material existence. Any expectation if a friend is dependent on how they apply what is taught in the transmissions and is their own responsibility. Our goal is to help each other to remember our true nature, something that we already are.

As an online organization, we, as friends strive to help each other achieve the Light and understanding of what Zadore has given to humanity through the Transmissions. Our goal is to attain union with the Eternal Absolute One, which is the source of all that exists in consciousness, and is our true Self.

In the Friends of One book, ‘The Light Beyond Self’, we read: ‘The One is all, and is Absolute and perfect. It has no beginning or end, and it cannot be known, for it is Pure Awareness, and out of its Pure Awareness and Consciousness, of the One, all things manifest and have Being.

‘We cannot conceptualize that one is God, or like a God, because it has nothing above it, nor anything below it, for everything exists within it.

‘One shines, and its shining is total. Everything will appear in the One, but you can never know, feel, see, or experience One.’

What then is a friend, and how can we become a friend of the One, when we cannot know or see it?

At one time Jesus was instructing his disciples, and someone in the room came over to him and said that his Mother and his family were waiting outside, and Jesus said: ‘Who is my family? I have no family and you are my friends’.

Jesus held that friendship was more than family, because friends do not place any demands on each other. Friends come together to experience oneness in understanding and acceptance, and share unconditionally in what is the truth.

In this world humanity is expected to behave, and accept the dictates of authorities and such dictates are conditional on concepts and laws that they have created as governments based on control and a loss of freedom.

Friends join together to experience a unity in oneness, and without oneness how then can true friendship exist in this world?

True friendship is where there are no individual personalities; it is the recognition that within, we all share the same essence, which means that we are all equal in Light. Friendship is based on love, and love is something that cannot be isolated, defined, or placed in a separate box. If we all share being one in the same source, then we are able to know that love is our true being, and love continually flows throughout the creation from the Absolute, and that is the Absolute One.

In friendship, through the awareness of Love, we are united in the oneness of all that is, and share in the knowing that I AM, with all other human beings.

It is only through ignorance and selfishness that we think we possess a power that allows us to bind other human beings to subject their life to our will which, in turn, creates enemies.

When we become aware that the same love and light that is reflected in our own nature through the love of One, then we know and are aware that this same love and light shines in every person in the world, even in those who are not aware of this.

Once we become aware there is no discord in life, and this results in true friendship that joins us together as one Being.

It is only after attaining the realization of unity, which is called different names, such as enlightenment, we will know that it is no longer necessary to strive and seek it.

As being Friends of One we do not need a special place to worship, for all that is needed is “to be” what we are and live together in the spirit of being the Absolute One.

When we love another, we experience the true eternal Love within our being; and in this we share in the union of love in the One.

The ultimate goal of Friends of One is to come together as one Being, which exists within our internal consciousness. However, in the world we have lost the ability to just Be, but through true friendship and love unity is restored on all levels of consciousness.

We have been conditioned to always look outward into the world for our understanding, but because of being identified with a body, we believe that we are separate individuals, and this results in separation from each other, which causes discord, alienation, insecurity, fear, depression, aggression, vanity, and jealously. All this destroys love and friendship. With true love there cannot be wars and hostilities, because we are at peace within.

Friends of One seeks to restore unity and love with others, which in turn restores our true nature within.

Become true friends by working together living in the Truth and remembering who and what you are – then there are no more questions as to who I AM!

Take time to browse this site and become aware of where you are heading in Light. As we progress in developing this site with books and educational programs, this will show you the way to inner peace and love.


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