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Light Pulsations Review

Light Pulsations Review

I found this article on the internet, on the awareness website, and have reproduced it here on our blog because it provides an insight to all the literature from Zadore that is available on lightpulsations.com.

The Review 

It Is every problem on the planet. Review, be it worldly, social or personal, caused by the “great illusion?” And are the One Light book(s) by Jon Whistler some of, if not, the most profound and important books ever written to explain this 

“This is the most important book that has been written for the realization and freedom of human consciousness for this century.” – The Sacred Flame book 

According to the One Light book(s) EVERY problem on the planet, be it worldly, social or personal, is caused by the “great illusion.” 

What is this illusion? 

The “great illusion” is caused by entities in the lower levels of the 4th dimension of this universe. The entities are known as the Astral Lords and they use “middle men” on this planet to help carry out their agenda, be it through the media, war, religion, food manufacturing, drug and medical systems, our standard education system, politics, the families that make up the so-called Illuminati, etc. These middle men are known as Astral Entities in the books. The Illusion has been in place for tens of thousands of years! 

Please note: This is not to be confused with the Illusion known as Maya. What is written in the One Light book(s) ties in (to some degree) with the teaching/writings of David Icke (who talks about the astral lords as the Archons), Osho, Yogananda, David Hawkins, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, David Wilcock, Rudolf Steiner, Abd-ru-shin, Mitchell Gibson, Carl Jung, Val Valerian, Stewart Swerdlow, Alex Collier, the Seth Material, The Messages from Michael, Dr George King, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Erkhart Tolle, and the like, but in some cases goes even deeper as this information comes from the 5th dimension, therefore the information is not tainted by the Illusion. 

It also ties in with Law of One RA books which is meant to come in the 6th dimension. But this work has been channelled through a lady called Carla Rueckert so there could be a chance it has also been tainted. Her teachings are still excellent. 

In the books, it is said that approximately 90% of people (currently) function through the Illusion (at varying degrees), therefore, it is likely that some of the people mentioned above did or still do. This is not to say that we cannot learn from others or there is no value in what they offer. 

Also, the work of the people above does help (in a roundabout way) to free people from the Astral Illusion to a certain degree, even if they are aware of it or not. 

But when you look into their work (and others of the like) after reading the One Light books you will see that it is compensation due to the Astral Illusion, and possibly in some cases (but not all) tainted by the Illusion. 

This also applies to all other healing work be it physical, mental, emotional, and even energy healing. In other words, if there was no Astral Illusion no one would have anything wrong with them barring anything superficial like minor injuries, etc. 

The One Light books are unique as they will put the reader through a process on how to free themselves from this Illusion/Cult control. These books are hands-down the ONLY books that will fully free people from this Illusion/Cult control! 

It could also be argued that the One Light book(s) are some of, if not, the most profound and important books ever to be written! 

Learn more by reading the rare Jon Whistler interview here. 

Here is what a Trustee of the VOLAH (Vortex of Healing and Light) had to say:

“The same happens with a lot of other spiritual books. The authors may be a little more advanced than others so they are able to enlighten us a bit, but it will be limited to their understanding at the moment. 

As Zadore is giving us the transmissions from a higher consciousness, the potential for us to grow from that information is enormous. 

Fear is one of the main pillars of the Illusion and from that stems many other things. We can gradually recognize the things that keep us in the Illusion so we can get ourselves out and I believe it will become clear to us that we are out when we can see the Illusion for what it is 

Even Rudolf Steiner once said: 

“There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve. People not yet sufficiently convinced of this statement could understand it to be meant comparatively only. But for those who are familiar with this phenomenon, it is a reality. If fear and anxiety radiates from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity. 


Destruction of the planet (war, commercial farming, cutting down forests, etc) Human sickness and general dysfunction. In essence they have created health professions of all sorts to help people become well, which ideally are not needed. 

Creation of false, dogmatic religions and secret societies 

All mental health problems/disorders 

Personality (ego) disorders such as Narcissism. 

Why do we all have a “shadow-self.” 

Keeping nearly everyone’s ego (personality/self) disordered 

Manipulation of money, time, and so-called spiritual truths. For example, the books say that the Great White Brotherhood is part of the Illusion! 

Keeping the ego (personality) trapped in the “time-loop” 

There is no cause and effect or evolution as we know it. The Illusion makes out there is. Keeping people living in the lower levels of consciousness. 

Making people seek enlightenment through unnecessary means. Everyone is, in fact, enlightened by “birth right”. It is the Illusion that keeps us unenlightened and thinking we have to seek enlightenment. 

What else do the books cover? 

Morphogenetic patterns 

Quantum mechanics 

Being in the moment (the “power of now”). This was written in these books years before the Power of Now book. There’s not much new “under the sun.” 

Importance of keeping the body as healthy as possible with eating and exercise Reincarnation (or recurrence as described in the books) and how it works Creation of the universe(s) 

The absolute (GOD) and how it came about 

Chakra/energy systems of the body 

Voyances, psychic abilities and how they are merely abilities just like speed and strength, and if someone has them does not always mean they are in One in Light. 

Purpose of life 

The real life of the Buddha and Jesus, and how Jesus “slowed down” the Illusion. Purpose of the Sun, the earth, stars, moons and planets 

Lemuria and Atlantis, and how the Illusion affected the people living at those times. The reason for stone structures like Stonehenge and the pyramids 

Transgenerational influence on our behaviour through our DNA and learning from our upbringing via our family tree and society as a whole. 

How to remove transgenerational influences that is caused by the Illusion Why setting goals in the typical way is not needed

Why affirmations are not needed 

How to balance the three Centres of Being: physical, intellectual and emotional. This will help us reach a more developed state of consciousness. Doing this will also help us to free ourselves from the Illusion. 

False teachings/so-called masters, and looking for help externally. (For example, the saying “when the student is ready the master will appear” is a false statement as the Illusion has caused us to seek outwards too much.) 

The real meaning of ego, soul and personality 

The true development of consciousness 

And much, much more! 

You can also have a read of these articles for free from the VOLAH blog to get a “taster” of what’s in the books. 

Here is more information on the books (taken from LightPulsations.com) to give you more of an overview. The order they are presented in below is the ideal order in which to read (or listen) to them, as they generally get deeper and more dense with each book. Please note: It would be more ideal to listen to the books (many times over) using something like Kindle text-to-speech, eBooks PDF, or Speechify as the words from the transmissions themselves will help to free you from Astral Illusion. Listening to the words will speed up the effect that they have on you plus you can get the benefits while travelling, etc. Plus there are over 30 exercises and practices given that you may or may not need to do including the Oracle cards that will also help to free you. 

One Light 

“This is a factual story of an astonishing revelation as experienced by the author and two companions who inadvertently discovered a module buried in the ground. In the book, you will discover the answers to your deepest questions. You will learn of the true nature of your being, and of your purpose here on planet Earth. 

You will learn also of the great illusion – what it is and why it is responsible for all the miseries of Mankind and the Earth. 

The revelation of ONE LIGHT is not merely an astonishing one – it is FREEDOM ITSELF. It will free you from all the oppressions and all the binding chains of this world. It will help you to find freedom from old voices and guilts and will release you from the fear that plagues our planet.” – LightPulsations.com 

Enter the Vortex as One Light 

“The Transmissions of Zadore place YOU at the centre of the drama on Earth, revealing the power in you to free yourself and the Earth from the Astral Illusion, which, at present, controls the whole world. 

‘What is the Vortex, and what does One Light mean to me?’ 

Stand in the Sun’s Light and ask yourself, “Why is humanity so unhappy, and, in our despair and alienation, what is it that we are doing to the Earth?” 

All of us want to make the world a better place. The Vortex is a powerful force of Light and Healing on our planet. Let Sizzond Zadore show you the way to One Light, to your consciousness of Light and healing for your whole self, and freedom and Light for Planet Earth.” – LightPulsations.com 

The Oracle to Freedom 

Understand that there is nothing beyond your consciousness. You marvel at the brightness of the night sky and enjoy the warmth of the sun during the day. Are you bound to this world? No matter what you think, when you close your eyes you exist in a vast universe of consciousness, one which is greater than all the galaxies in the universe as they only mirror a small part of the consciousness of Being, and are also a part of your consciousness.

Conceptually, you are locked in many cocoons from many life-experiences in a body, and are still awaiting an opening to freedom. All these cocoons represent those fears, lies, and grabs for power which you have locked within yourself. 

Like the butterfly, you emerge from the cocoon, and leave the shells of old lives scattered beneath you. You spread your wings of freedom, revealing a body of Light and beauty, free from the limitations of the old cocoons, now expressing your consciousness, love and Light for all to see and enjoy. 

Your body is not your cocoon, although you think it is – your cocoon is your Personality and its fixation toward the Illusion. 

Break free from this dimensional prison and spread your wings of Light – and from deep within express the totality of your being, one which transverses all dimensions – because you are FREE, NOW and FOREVER. 

From: The Oracle to Freedom – “Freedom Card” 

To get the full meaning and impact of the cards you MUST use them with The Oracle to Freedom book! They will help you to free yourself from the illusion. 

Here are the 12 cards from The Oracle to Freedom book: 

Get the book and cards here. 

The 12 cards: 

The moment card 

Earth body connection 


Guilt and forgiveness 


Symphony of life 




Astral Illusion 

Healing the earth 

Balanced ego (personality) 

More further (deeper) reading. You can get these transmissions here. 

The Sacred Flame 

“We live in a world that continually denies the reality of the true nature of every human being, a world that is continually at war with itself, and in denial of true spiritual values. 

In the late twentieth century the Transmissions of Zadore were given to the world consciousness through Jon Whistler. These Transmissions directed our attention to the consequences of where humanity is heading and how the Earth will re-balance its consciousness and ending humanity’s destructive habits formed over a cycle of two ‘time loops’. 

In this book we will assess what Zadore has given us and demonstrate what is needed for everyone to return to the pure state of consciousness of which we already are, but have forgotten due to limiting our consciousness through ignorance and illusion, by identifying ourselves with a body. 

This is the most important book that has been written for the realisation and freedom of human consciousness for this century.” – LightPulsations.com

The Earthlight Transmissions “When studying the Earth Light Transmissions your consciousness will harmonise with the Earth’s consciousness. Your Personality will turn away from the Illusion, allowing your Light to move through your body to the Earth. Let these Transmissions draw your Personality away from the Astral Illusion and harmonise your Earth-body with its source. Share with the Earth its beauty and Light as it opens its Light to the Greater Light, thus ending all illusion.” – LightPulsations.com 

The VOLAH series (1-3) The Vortex of Healing and Light 

“This 3-part study series of transmissions was written by Jon Whistler and starts the work of Transformation from the beginning, progressively increasing the inner understanding that scorches the Astral Illusion in our consciousness. 

We have to change all the negative thoughts and attitudes in our mind, and replace them with the Higher Knowledge of the Transmissions, to build a Positive ‘I’ that begins the development of the New Being and Consciousness, where we experience the Oneness in Light.” – LightPulsations.com 

Vis Novae Natura 

“This book written by an Emissary of VOLAH provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the Transmissions. In this book your consciousness is opened to know the true state of your being, and directs and opens your consciousness to reach the inner level of your being, where your Essence will not only mirror the Light and Being of Self, but will create the Power of your New Being – Vis Novae Natura.” – LightPulsations.com 

Guidance on the Way 

“Series One consists of seven books that were published on a monthly basis as a guide for Trustees of VOLAH to widen their understanding of the problems that are encountered on the path to oneness in Light and Being. 

We read: ‘There have only been a few individuals who have experienced the truth, freedom and understanding. Unfortunately there is little guidance for the seeker.” – LightPulsations.com 

Guidance on the Way – Part Two 

“Series One consists of seven books that were published on a monthly basis as a guide for Trustees of VOLAH to widen their understanding of the problems that are encountered on the path to oneness in Light and Being. 

We read: ‘There have only been a few individuals who have experienced the truth, freedom and understanding. Unfortunately there is little guidance for the seeker.” – LightPulsations.com 

The Thread of Infinity “The End of Time is near! The Time Loop is drawing to a close! In his best-selling book, “One Light”, Jon Whistler unveiled the Great Illusion used to control the lives of everyone on Earth. 

Now he reveals the Matrix of Time, which ties Human Consciousness to the Dance of Time. He tells us when and how it was built, and how it operates to imprison Mankind. By moving his consciousness through past life-experiences spanning many millennia, Jon Whistler traces the journey of his Ego from its pristine state to that of total involvement in the Illusion, as it sought to reach the highest levels of control in the world.

The Arch-Demon, Razparil works unrelentingly to capture and possess Human Egos, often referred to as “the Souls of Men”. So, too, did he work to capture and possess the Ego of Sizzond. 

Traverse eighteen thousand years of deception, futility and fear. But also there is great love and hope, as the Ego of Sizzond struggles to regain its Light. 

This, too, is your journey, paralleling your own travels through the Loop of Time. We are all connected by the found thread of consciousness, which binds us together – as ONE. This book will unlock your consciousness further, setting it free from all Illusion. As the Time Loop is destroyed, you will find the freedom to live in your Light, and will give that Light to the Earth. The Earth will ascend in Joy, free from the ravages of the Illusion. And your freedom is at hand!” – LightPulsations.com 

Fire on the Sea  By: Zend-Kao Wa Mai 

Foreword by Jon Whistler 

Author of One Light 

When the whole world is a lie, where do you go to find TRUTH? 

Marek de Ravana was born to inherit great wealth, power, and worldly influence, yet he finds himself on the run when he turns his back on all of these. 

Doted upon by his older brother, the powerful and famous Baron, who has groomed and trained him as a natural successor, Marek discovers that the shadow his brother casts is an ominous and terrible one. He also discovers that his own true power is something far brighter, for it is the power of his own being – his Light. 

But when Marek rebels, his brother reacts swiftly and fiercely, so Marek must run. On a journey spanning nearly seven years Marek comes to live in the Light of his own truth and discovers that the Light is Love… and that Love heals everything… 

However, his brother will not rest until he has tracked him down…This exciting story, in novel form, is a visionary journey we can all identify with. Regardless of the fictional circumstances, our journey is the same, for in our own opening to light the way is not always clear to us and the path is not always smooth, and there are forces at work which would keep us in darkness 

always. Nevertheless, it is the only journey worth making, and it is ours if we want it. “As an opening into personal Light it is a book of the Earth and part of our collective remembrance of our Light” – JON WHISTLER 


“In what way has the world benefited from the great teachers over thousands of years?” This question has often been asked by some seekers nowadays. Questions such as this reveal the ignorance of those individuals who focus only on outward change and ignore the need to seek the true state of being within. 

The problem in understanding the Gospel is that everyone applies the teachings of Jesus in the worldly sense, not knowing that the truth taught, leads us to become united with Self, which is our true natural state. 

This book reveals the inner understanding Jesus taught, whereby we cast aside all outer illusion and become One in Light.” – LightPulsations.com 

The Legacy of Jon Whistler 

“When your body was born there was no conscious awareness of being or that you exist. However, following the conditioning by your mother and father, you were made conscious of your body, by naming it; that you were either a girl or a boy and that you were separate from everything that exists in the world 

I am, so I exist, and this ignorance and illusion accumulates worldly knowledge, concepts and ideas that separate your consciousness from the truth and reality of your Self. Zadore’s Transmissions have been given to humanity to change the way we feel and think, revealing what is false and what are lies that maintain the illusion and separate us from being what we are – pure eternal consciousness. 

These Transmissions are the legacy that Jon Whistler has made available for everyone to be free and One in Light.” – LightPulsations.com

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  1. Very interesting! Always good to get another perspective on One Light, and to see that it is still being spread further by ‘word of mouth’.
    Oh, Rudolf Steiner , i’d come across some of his work, i wasn’t aware that he had some cognizance of these false beings and their manner of ‘food’.

    Very kind regards, as ever, Douglas. As One in Light (well, getting there!), Blade 🙂

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