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Welcome to Friends of One

Where do you see your life heading,
and do you think that you will survive
the endless disasters of now?

In your mind do you see this breakdown of civilization and life vividly apparent, and does this generation fear becoming burdened with pain and suffering, or even death? Are the costs of surviving and having security for those you love, become a reality now?

Did not Jesus say: ‘Do not feel and say what are going to eat and drink, or what will there be to wear? Do not become anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will look after itself. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

‘Put on my yoke and learn from me, who am gentle and humble in heart, for my yoke is easy and my burden light’,

Twenty-six years ago, Zadore contacted Jon Whistler, and since then revealed through books and Transmissions, teachings that have changed our lives and opened our conscious awareness to know and understand the truth of what we are, and that is ─ that oneness with our God or Eternal Self.

We have never lost contact with the pure essence of our being, for we have only forgotten what is the true nature of our Self, which is Love, Peace, Joy and Bliss.

The Transmissions that Zadore has given humanity allows us to remember who and what we are, which also fulfils whet Jesus promised

First website was created to make available the Transmissions and teachings so that all ignorance and illusion would be dispelled, and we are then free to live through our body’s consciousness. Unfortunately, all our knowledge accrued during our life is based on concepts that are the results of sensual experiences in the world. Dependence on the body for our knowledge limits our consciousness and awareness of what really is. As such we are unaware of what is true, and this ignorance leads us to live in ignorance, pain and suffering.

Now, with Friends of One we have the opportunity to transcend all ignorance and darkness by studying and applying the VOLAH teachings and live the freedom and love that is our true Nature based of what is the Truth.

The VOLAH teachings are for humanity NOW, where we have to dismiss and stop recycling all old and outdated concepts that were only given for the level of the consciousness of the minds at that particular time. We cannot continue to live in the past following outdated concepts.

Everything happens for us NOW, not yesterday or ages ago. We must become aware of what is happening this moment, and destroy what is imprisoning our Light.

It is as Jesus said that we have to roll aside the stone that holds back the water of life, and allow it to flow freely, for it is the living water of truth and understanding.

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January 2023 Friends of One  Update

  • January  Webtorial
  • We have the first Monologue for you
  • Check out the new transmission readings 17 and 18 for members

Welcome to friends of One. Our website is designed to bring together everyone who is seeking to reach oneness in light and consciousness free  of the ignorance and illusion to the world. This is a subscription website where members privately: listen to audio Transmissions, get discounts unfriends publications: with ongoing new materials every month.

Generrally, we have a webtorial, blog and free newsletter,  fiction and health books. embers are able to create their own personal forums in the vault.

Feel free to explore our site and you are always welcome.

This is the second Volah site and is a companion site to our bookstore where all the ONE light books and Transmissions are available.


Now available here on friends of one is our first book open your conciseness. The light beyond Consciousness by Theodore Available now.The Light Beyond the Self

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