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Over the years, religious organisations have perpetuated the concept that all spiritual knowledge is the preserve of select organizations that decide what should and should not be revealed to humanity, for in doing so, that allows them to keep people’s minds under control and prevent them from directly communicating with  their god or inner Being.

For over thousands of years the same so-called mysteries are being still held as secrets under the guise of representing the truth of ages. 

We should ask that if these truths are real, after all this time, why are they still being heralded as still saving humanity, are being withheld in ignorance? Basically, such old teachings are no longer relevant to people’s consciousness nowadays.

Leave the past where it belongs and embrace the present moment now where the knowledge and truth are here now and not concealed in some past cloister.


We are not a religion

As friends, everyone is equal in consciousness and Light and no one is separate from another and confined into castes or social disadvantage, for in the Self’s pure consciousness we are all united.

Being aware and conscious, Friends of One are dedicated people like you and me who will find the way to Light and understanding by accepting all that life gives us, and allowing everything to be, all lies and illusion disappears. 

All Truth and Reality can be found within our consciousness of the Self where nothing is hidden from us, ready to share that knowledge with everyone who seeks freedom from all the bondage, pain, and suffering, for we do not need religious cults to hold that over us.

We do not preach any dogma, scriptures or creeds, or have any rules, or tithes, because in the Light of our being there is total freedom from all ignorance of the world. We seek to unlock the attachments and desires that prevent you from finding the happiness and joy of your true nature. Zadore has told us to remember who and what we are.


No one needs personal teachers or Gurus

Friends of One are dedicated people like you and me who are finished living in a world of ignorance and lies, and who are searching for those spiritual truths and awareness of the inner being we all share. There is no need to read many books or attend lectures by so-called teachers who attempt to mould you in their own image and live in their Light and not your own Light.

Stop asking questions of others and turn those questions inward: await and allow the truth of your own being to enlighten you.


Zadore’s Transmissions

In 1996 Jon Whistler made contact with Zadore’s Light and received the transmissions of Light and Healing that paves the way for the Friends of One to become aware of all the illusions and of the world that over thousands of years we have been denied from being the Light of our true nature and experience freedom to live in peace and love at the highest level of Pure Consciousness of the Self, or God.


Live in your Light

Friends of One is dedicated to providing a safe environment in your own home to study and work at your own pace, and if you need, share with others on our website vault, away from the prying eyes of visitors. There are no meetings, rituals, or secret ceremonies, for everything is freely open.

There is no obligation to retain membership if you feel that you are not ready for this information at present, so you can cancel your membership at any time. 

Do not pass this by, All you have to do is apply and start your journey into the Light and consciousness. There are no other fees or payments, only a monthly fee that includes particular discourses and monographs for you to download, as well, there are special discounts for all publications in our bookstore.

Don’t delay as we are ready for the changes happening at this time in consciousness.

Feel welcome to browse our site and share in the reading of our blogs, articles and pages of interest and the various books available.



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